Friday, March 20, 2009

How to check if someone has blocked you on Google Talk

There is a great little instant messaging utility, Pidgin that helps
to find who has blocked you in Google Talk. If you not sure how to
configure Pidgin with Google Talk, I advice you to first visit this

Ok, now when you are aware of how to configure Pidgin to work with
Google Talk, I'll guide how to make smart use of Pidgin to identify
who has blocked you on Google Talk.

It's very simple. Just follow the steps:-

1- Log in to your Gmail account on Pidgin.
2- Go to "Buddies" -> "Show Offline Buddies". (A person who has
blocked you must be showing offline to you. So you need to make all
offline friends visible)

3- Now all your contacts are visible to you. Pick any one of those.
4- Right Click on your chosen contact name and select "Get Info".

It will show you the brief information of your contact. Now, if any of
your contact has blocked you on Google Talk, you will not be able to
see his/her profile.

6- Select a contact who you think may have blocked you. Again, Right
Click on his/her name and select "Get Info". You will not see
anything. Not even the contact's name.

This goes to show that this particular contact has blocked you on
Google Talk and don't want to talk to you and so it appears to be
offline always.

Hope, you like this article. This is the only way I could able to find
out to determine who has blocked you on Google Talk. What's your
comment on this?

How to find invisible friends in GTalk,GMAIL

Here is the simple trick to find the friends who are online in gtalk but appearing offline.

Follow these steps to check who all are in invisible state.

1. Open the chat window by clicking your friend’s name
2. Click you friends name and select “Go off the Record”.
3. Send some message to that user.
4. if you get the feedback from gtalk that “User is offline and can’t receive messages” in red color means that the user is really offline.
5. But if you get no response that means that the user is appearing offline and in invisible mode

Difference between CGPA and SGPA?

CGPA is the cumalative grade point average and
SGPA is semester grade point average.

Grade point is a system in which points are given between 0.00 to maximum of 4.00 depending upon the grade obtained in a particular course.

SGPA is the average of grade point obtained in a single semester while
CGPA is the average of grade point obtained as whole.


Calculating your CGPA/SGPA is not an uphill task, it requires little smart work. First you need to know the number periods per week of each subject .After that you will calculate the credits of each subject. Say in first you have 7 subjects :

*Physics: 3 lectures 1 tutorial
*Chemistry: 3 lectures 1 tutorial
*Math: 3 lectures 2 tutorials
*ECO: 3 lectures 1tutorial
*ELECTRICAL :2 lectures 1 tutorial
*Basic Electronics: 2 lectures 1 tutorial
*Engineering Drawing :3 classes
*Physics PRAC: 2 Classes
*Chemistry PRAC: 2 Classes
*Basic ELECTRICAL PRAC:2 Classes

Now each lecture has one credit and each prac or tutorial has 0.5 credit. So , in the above case

Physics,Chemistry,ECO has 3.5 credit each;

Math has 4 credit ;

Basic ELECTRICAL, Basic Electronics has 2.5 credit.

All practical have 1 credit.

Engineering Drawing has 1.5 because its classes are not considered as lectures but they are treated as tutorials.

This was all about calculating credits.

In each subject you get some grade, which you get according to your marks ,they have been given in below .Points have been allotted to each grade.

A+(85&above) ---------- 10

A(75-84) ---------- 9

B (65-74) ----------- 8

C (50-64) ---------- 6

D (40-49) ---------- 4

E (39 & below) ------ 2

If you get E grade you don’t pass the course,you will have to appear again in that course.

So your SGPA that is your grade point aggregate for semester is calculated as follow:

SGPA=∑{credit of subjectn*points u get in subject n}/total credits

CGPA=∑{credit of semester*SGPA of semester}/total credits so far