Sunday, January 4, 2009

flazx Ebook problem - .r00 extension problem & Solution (Ebooks)

Here's the problem. Last time my friend had downloaded E-Book named "RHCE.Red.Hat.Certified.Engineer.Linux.Study.Guide.Exam.RH302" from the link in Zip Format

when he had unzipped the file he found 5 files named (WINRAR as my default unzipper)
b-140b01(Zip file)
b-140b02(Zip file)
b-140b03(Zip file)
b-140b04(Zip file)
bbl (.nfo format)

when he unzipped b-140b01 file he found files named

bbl(Zip file)
BBL(.nfo format)

when he tried to unzip it is ask for a file named "bbl.r00" which has got .r00 extension

So is bbl.r00 in this file at all?

If not you won't be able to extract anything, until u find this file.

so solution is here .....................

Ans:extract all the zips into the same directory, then just extract any one of the

it will ask for "The following file already exist..... Would you like to replace ..... click on Not to all"

same step should be followed for all zip file


now right click on bb1.r00 Extract here

after 5.0 sec McGraw.Hill.RHCE.Red.Hat.Certified.Engineer.Linux.Study.Guide.Exam.RH302.5th.Edition.Jun.2007.chm

willbe founded

OOOOOOOOOOOO0 this perfect solution for this problem